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Join the Art Movement – Become an OVAL Member Today!

Welcome to the Ohio Valley Art League (OVAL) membership page! As an OVAL member, you become an essential part of our mission to cultivate and promote visual arts in our community.

Why become a member?

1. **Connect with Community:** Your membership plugs you into a dynamic community of art lovers, artists, educators, and students. Experience the camaraderie that comes from supporting and participating in a vibrant local art scene.

2. **Exclusive Invitations:** Enjoy special invitations to art shows, exhibits, workshops, and events. As a member, you’ll be first in line for our renowned Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibit, Recycled Art Exhibit, and much more. 

3. **Support the Arts:** Your membership helps fund our ongoing programs and initiatives, enabling us to continue our work in promoting local artists, educating our community, and enriching our cultural landscape.

Choose the membership that's right for you. We offer several levels to accommodate everyone from individual art enthusiasts to businesses wanting to demonstrate their commitment to the arts.

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