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101 S. Main St.

Henderson, KY 42420

2024 Exhibits


"Jule's Jewels"

January 8 - March 22

Julie Glinis' digital artwork is mesmerizing. Here's her description of this exhibit:


“From the ocean’s depths to the shimmering stars, the glare of Vegas streets and the excitement of New York’s greatest park, Jule’s Jewels capture the radiance that exists all around us. Alien visages appear unexpectedly, while stray hearts pulse and musical notes wander in and out. Look deep enough, and you may find your last dream or your next meditative focus”.


"Lost in Space"

March 25 - June 21

Discover art beyond Earth and capture the beauty of the eclipse or the universe around us. Immerse yourself in the play of light and shadow as artists skillfully capture the fleeting brilliance of a lunar eclipse or the delicate dance of celestial bodies against the backdrop of the night sky.

Come meet the artists at our open reception 

 May 23, 2024          5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Beata Montiel


"Entwined Paths"

June 24 - September 20

Artists and life partners Amy DeLap and Andrew Jendrzejewski offer an exhibition that encompasses their directions and their ongoing influences upon each other over many decades.

"Better With Age"

September 23 - December 20

Doug Henry - Dianne Wham - Joe Overby

These artists, who are going strong at 80 and up, find that age offers freedom, self-assurance and room to explore.

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